“Illiteracy, defined as the total inability to read and write, has now been almost completely eradicated in EU, the phenomenon of functional illiteracy is becoming increasingly serious.”
EU Parliament’s report on illiteracy & social exclusion-2002.

Functional illiteracy is reading, writing and calculation skills that are inadequate "to manage daily living and employment tasks that require reading skills beyond a basic level”. Functional illiteracy is contrasted with illiteracy in the strict sense, meaning the inability to read or write simple sentences in
any language.

According to a recent study from OECD, it is concerning about 80 Mio people from 15 to 65 in EU. A survey from the European Labour Force (2011) states that there were across EU 73 Mio low educated adults.

Amongst the measures recommended to reduce functional illiteracy, the implementation of
innovative trainings remains one of the best options. ICT based trainings are a suitable solution and also will participate to reduce the digital gap.

The Music Is My Radar project aims to develop a distance learning training in order to improve basic
and transversal skills for functional illiterate persons, aged between 15 and 65 years old, unemployed or employees in a company.




Leno was established in 2007 by two managers, Nathalie Redon and Laurent Dedieu, experts in the field of vocational training and ICTs (Information and communication technologies). Located in Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon, our organization offers trainings for companies and jobseekers in France and in Europe.

Our goal is to provide high quality training tailored to the requirements of our clients. To do so, we propose nearly 200 training topics organized around 6 areas of expertise (Sustainable Development, IT, Management, EU Projects, Distance Learning, Sales) developed by our pedagogical teams. Each training proposal is done after an internal audit in order to offer you a really accurate and tailored training.

Our methodology is supported by a wide range of pedagogical situations from face to face training to distance learning according to your requirements and availabilities, in
French and English languages.

Napra Forgó has been working on the (re)integration of people with disadvantaged backgrounds, especially people with disabilities since 2000, based on its own, innovative, sustainable employment-rehabilitation model. We are a Hungarian, medium-sized, non-profit enterprise with public benefits status operating in a market environment, but for public purposes.

Our non-profit aim is to help disadvantaged and multiple disadvantaged people on the labour market (especially disabled / handicapped, long-term un-employed persons, law
skilled people,  young without any work experience, elderly job-seekers, people with obsolete profession) by trainings and labour exchange mediation in the interest of their employment rehabilitation.

The number of employees is around 150 people. We have about 45-50 constant employees with disabilities, who are fully integrated in our everyday life.

The main objective of Teamwork for a better future – Veľký Meder Civil Association (CA) (Občianske združenie Spoluprácou pre lepšiu budúcnosť - Veľký Meder) is to promote and develop activities and support active participation of citizens at the local, regional,
national, and international level in various fields of social life, in particular in the areas of:
1.     Education, lifelong learning and extracurricular activities by promoting education and creating opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginal groups and modern communication technologies (Internet, Skype, Facebook).

2.     Creating legal awareness by promoting public awareness of the rights and responsibilities and providing administrative and advisory services for the disadvantaged and marginal groups.

3.     (Re)Integration of job seekers into the labour market, focusing on the disadvantaged groups by implementing information and advisory activities and professional counseling and international institutional exchange of information about the labour market and good practices.

The primary target group of the CA Teamwork for a better future - Veľký Meder is the
disadvantaged, in particular the disabled, young people and long-time unemployed.

ibis acam is a private company in the field of education and training. It is specialized in vocational education and training in specific fields (including construction/construction
ecology), in language and ITC training (in particular German as a second language and English), in personality development, job application, further qualification of trainers. Ibis acam employs some 500 fully employed trainers in 80 locations in Austria. ibis acam is working with different target groups like young people (language training and vocational training, job orientation), immigrants (language training, job orientation and VET), woman and elderly people  (reintegration and qualification).



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